Selling During the Holidays: Pros and Cons

Dated: December 7 2023

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Between holiday travel, holiday parties, and hosting out-of-town guests, the holidays can be a busy time of year. And if you’re selling your home, you might be tempted to take your property off the market and push your home sale into the new year.

But, there might be some benefits to selling during the holidays that you might not have considered. Depending on your situation it might be a great choice for you, so let's look at the pros of selling during the holidays. 

Pros of Selling a Home During the Holidays

  • Fewer Listings: Because the holidays are so busy, a lot of sellers pull their homes off the market and would-be sellers hold off on listing their homes—both of which reduce available inventory. Less inventory means less competition, which will make it easier for your home to get attention and interest from buyers who can’t wait weeks or months to make offers and move forward with a purchase.
  • Serious Buyers:. Most people don’t want to add “buying a home” to the list of their holiday to-do’s. But that means that the buyers who are out there looking for homes are serious, motivated, and ready to purchase a home ASAP—a major plus for sellers.
  • Lenders are motivated: Due to fewer transactions during the holiday season, lenders are more motivated to close—which can make the process both easier and faster.
  • Emotional Appeal: Decorating your home for the holidays will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, potentially appealing to buyers on an emotional level. Don't underestimate the power of good staging.
  • Tax Benefits: Some buyers might be looking to purchase before the end of the year for tax-related reasons, such as taking advantage of deductions or utilizing funds before the tax year ends.
  • Life Circumstances: Personal situations might necessitate a sale during the holiday season, such as a job relocation or financial reasons.

Bottom line? You might think the holidays aren’t the best time to sell a home—but if you’ve been thinking about selling your home, it turns out it could be a great time to sell.

However, one thing that separates a good real estate agent, from a great one is honesty. Experts know that every situation is different and it's our job to guide to in the right direction. Here are some cons to selling during the holiday season:

 Cons of Selling During the Holidays

  • Fewer Buyers: Some buyers might be preoccupied with holiday activities, travel, or finances, reducing the pool of potential buyers.
  • Inconvenience: Selling a home during the holidays might be inconvenient for both sellers and buyers due to travel, family gatherings, and other commitments.

Remember, real estate is local and every situation and transaction is different. If you're thinking about selling it is good to consider all of the pros and cons listed above to make the best informed decision for your property.

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