The Real Reason Your Home Isn’t Showing

Dated: October 23 2023

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You’ve listed your home and you feel like it’s not being shown enough, or maybe it’s not being shown at all. You expected buyers to flock and have multiple offers to choose from. This can be extremely frustrating, discouraging, and concerning.

There are many reasons your home isn’t showing, and it’s likely not the reason you think. Often sellers think they chose the wrong agent or their agent isn’t doing their job. While it is important to find a good agent the real reason your home isn’t showing is probably more complicated than that. 

Frustration Leading to Bad Choices

While it’s natural to be frustrated, it won’t do you much good. You’ve probably expressed your frustration, and all your agent seems to be doing is making excuses or pushing you to do something you don’t want to do; like lowering your price. Your frustration, and pushing to see more showing activity, may very well be causing your agent to turn to solutions that they wouldn’t otherwise suggest so soon in the process.

Perspective on Buyers

If you’ve sold a house before it can be easy to think the process will look the same as it did before. But, it’s likely a different market, and you’re selling a different home to a completely different demographic of buyers.

First, here are some basic things many homeowners do not know:

  • There are only so many buyers in the market at any given time.

  • Not all of the buyers are even ready, willing, and able to even buy your house right away.

  • Some buyers just started looking, and much of that begins online.

  • Most of the buyers who are truly ready, willing, and able to buy are the only ones you need to care about.

  • And most of them are represented by, and working with a real estate agent.

  • Maybe an appropriate, ready, willing, and able buyer is working with your listing agent…but, most likely not.

  • And, there’s a good chance that the most appropriate buyer isn’t even working with another agent within your listing agent’s office.

Selling Looks Different Now

Not that many years ago, people had to call the listing agent or their office for even the most basic information about your house; the price, or address. Before the internet, even buyers who were in the earliest stages of buying had to come out and see a house for sale. It was the only way to rule out a house. It was the only way to get their feet wet and get a handle on what they could afford.

None of that is necessary anymore, now that the Internet has allowed so much information to be available to buyers at all stages of the process to see from the comfort of their own home.

The Internet has cut down on showings.

Buyers at all stages of the process see a house that goes for sale immediately, in real-time, as it pops up on the market. Pictures and all. They can see a map of the location, aerial views, street views, videos, etc. They can see inside the property.

There’s virtually no need to go out and physically see a property unless it’s of actual interest to them. Before, they had to go out to rule out houses. Almost every house on the market would get more showings back in the day. Now it's all done remotely.

This cuts down on how many buyers come out to see your home. And only the most interested, serious, ready, willing, and able buyers come to see your home.

This is a good thing, it’s efficient.

Talk to Your Agent About Your Situation

It’s natural for an owner to want more showings. But, be careful what you wish for.

Creating traffic through your house isn’t entirely beneficial. You should only want serious, ready, willing, and able buyers coming through. Remember, there aren’t endless amounts of them in the market.

Sit down or hop on the phone with your agent and get down to the real root of the problem. The most sensible thing to do is for you and your agent to analyze and find the cause, which will hopefully generate more showings if solved.

Ask your agent the following questions:

  • Is it the overall market? Are there many buyers buying in your area and price range? If so, be patient.

  • Are the buyers who have seen your house buying other homes? Then, maybe your house is overpriced, or not as appealing as other choices in the area and price range.

  • Is your house not being shown at all? Good chance that it’s either your price is too high, or there are no buyers in the market. Again, look to see if there are other houses comparable to yours selling.

The Real Reason Your Home Isn’t Showing

More often than not, the reason a house isn’t getting shown is one of two reasons: either the market is a bit slow, or the price is too high. It’s that simple.

Pricing appropriately within the market should get your house shown and sold quickly to the ready, willing, and able buyers in the market. As long as there is at least a buyer who is ready, willing, and able in the market.

Take time to truly understand that creating more showings won’t solve the problem of getting your home sold. You can have showings every hour of every day, but there are only so many true buyers in the market, and they are aware of every house on the market the minute it comes on.

If nobody is coming and nobody is buying, it’s price or a lack of buyers.


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