Keep Your Home Show Ready

Dated: July 20 2023

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If you've ever sold a home or are thinking about selling your home, you'll always hear about staging and ensuring your home is "show-ready." These are very important, but unless you move out of your home while it's for sale, having a show-ready home is easier said than done. After all, life still must go on. So here are a few tips to ease stress and help you maintain a home that will wow potential buyers. 

Keep Your Home Fresh

When your home is on the market, it's good to let it breathe. Open the windows and let air flow through your home frequently so that any smells you may be accustomed to won't turn off potential buyers. 

Keep Toys Organized

Keeping toys organized is essential when showing, whether it's your kids or your pets. Keep a box or basket handy to put things away as soon as they're done playing. 

Perform a Daily Cleaning

It's always nice to have clean countertops and floors, but when showing, it's important. Create a habit of performing a daily counter wipe-down and vacuuming when your home is on the market. 

Keep Toiletries at Bay

It's easy just to lay your toiletries on the counter each day. But when you're showing, you need to put those items away. Seeing personal things on the bathroom counter or bedroom dresser is a turnoff. 

Hide the Clutter

It's a fact of life; we all have clutter. But, unfortunately, when you're showing, you can't. So to combat the daily clutter battle, have a basket that you can quickly and easily pick up clutter before a showing. Gather it all in a basket and hide the basket in a closet. 

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