Tips To Extend the Comfort of Your Home to Your Outdoor Space

Dated: May 3 2023

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Floridians love to enjoy and prioritize outdoor space.  If you're a new homeowner or want to spend more time in your outdoor spaces, there are some simple ways to transform your backyard, porches, and patios into an outdoor oasis.

These are also things you can implement when staging your home to sell. Use your outdoor space to showcase your home's full potential. This fully allows people to imagine themselves living there.

And the way to do that? Think of your outdoor space as more than a backyard, a porch, or a patio—think of it as another room in your home.

In this article in The New York Times, designers shared their tips for transforming an outdoor space into a room you’ll want to enjoy all summer long, including:

  • Define the function. Getting clear on how you plan to use the space—whether that’s an area to eat, relax, or spend time in the sun—will help you design an outdoor area that is both functional and inviting.
  • Tie the design into your home’s interior. You want to create a sense of flow between the interior of your home and your outdoor space. Look for ways to incorporate textures, colors, or decor you use inside your home in your outdoor area.
  • Use lighting to create ambiance. Lighting can completely shift the look and feel of your outdoor space. Add string lights or lanterns throughout the space to create an inviting nighttime ambiance for your outdoor area.

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